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実は、ドイツで19世紀に発行された新聞Illustrirte Zeitung1851年12月20日に掲載された英仏海峡トンネル計画図には、なんと水中に浮いて、蒸気機関車を走らせようという無謀な英仏海峡トンネルの想像図が掲載されている。

英仏海峡トンネル(英国とフランス)/Channel Tunnel (UK and France)
Length: 50 kilometers (31 miles)
Fast fact: Though both the English and French put in work to build the Channel Tunnel, the English side tunneled a greater distance.
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レルダル・トンネル(オーランド、ノルウェー)/Laerdal Tunnel (Aurland, Norway)
Length: 24.5 kilometers (15.2 miles)
Fast fact: Engineers separated the tunnel into different sections to give the illusion that drivers are traveling through a number of smaller tunnels.
In these smaller sections drivers can take breaks, or even have a wedding ceremony, as one adventurous couple has previously done.
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東京の湾のアクアライン(東京)Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (Tokyo)
Length: 14 kilometers total (8.7 miles)
Fast fact: Constructed atop the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line is an island that functions as a rest area and mall.
The man-made island, called Umi-Hotaru, is a popular scenic point with an observation deck that gives a great view of Tokyo Bay.
More info: Nippon Civil Consulting Engineers
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アイゼンハワー・トンネル(コロラド)/Eisenhower Tunnel (Colorado)
Length: 2.72 kilometers (1.7 miles)
Fast fact: Prior to the tunnel's official opening in 1972, a drunk driver believed he should be the first person to take a vehicle through and was arrested for trespassing.
Charges were subsequently dropped because the signs prohibiting traffic were considered inadequate.
More info: Colorado Department of Transportation
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スパイラレン・トンネル(ドラメン、ノルウェー)/Spiralen Tunnel (Drammen, Norway)
Length: 1.65 kilometers (1.02 miles)
Fast fact: The tunnel opens out to a dramatic view of Drammen Valley and has a beer garden, restaurants and open-air museum.
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郭亮トンネル/郭亮洞、郭亮洞挂壁公路、郭亮隧道、郭良隧道、万仙山绝壁长廊、郭亮村绝壁长廊(河南省、中国)/Guoliang Tunnel (Henan Province, China)
Length: 1.2 kilometers (0.74 miles)
Fast fact: The tunnel was built jagged and steep due to the village's primitive tools, earning it the nickname: "The road that does not tolerate any mistakes."
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スマート(クアラルンプール、マレーシア)/SMART (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Length: 9.7 kilometers (6.02 miles)
Fast fact: The tunnel is expected to prevent billions of dollars of possible flood damage and costs from traffic congestion.
Since it opened in 2007, flood-prone areas such as Masjid Jamek, Dataran Merdeka, Leboh Ampang and Jalan Melaka have been spared inundation.
More info: SMART Motorway Tunnel
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外滩、外灘トンネル(上海)/Bund Sightseeing Tunnel (Shanghai)
Length: 646.7 meters (2,122 feet)
Fast fact: A company that had worked with Disney was originally supposed to help design the tunnel, but was deemed too expensive.
Instead a Shanghai-based company created the tunnel's psychedelic lights and trippy audio-visual effects.
The ride is apparently meant to represent a journey to the core of the earth, and the tunnel currently ranks as one of Shanghai's top five tourist attractions.
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青函トンネル(日本)/Seikan Tunnel (Japan)
Work on the tunnel started in 1964 and was completed in 1988.
Length: 53 kilometers (32.9 miles)
Fast fact: In 1976, construction workers hit a patch of soft rock and water gushed into the tunnel at a rate of 80 tons per minute. The leak took two months to fix.
More info: JR-Hokkaido Hakadote Branch

イギリス側のユーロトンネル(Eurotunnel)入り口のGoogle Earthポインター情報
51° 5'49.51"N,1° 9'20.83"E
51.097086, 1.155786‎

フランス側のユーロトンネル(Eurotunnel)入り口のGoogle Earthポインター情報
50.922728, 1.780664‎


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