ジュニパー・リサーチ(Juniper Research)は、2013年から引き継がれた2014年の技術産業の傾向と展望を予測し、「Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2014」を公開した。




1. 2014: When Cities Get Smarter.(スマート・シティー)
2. mAgri to Build on mPayment Success in Developing Markets.(市場の開発におけるmPayment成功に基礎を置くmAgri)
3. The Watershed Year for Wearables.(ウェアラブルの分岐点)
4. iPads & Tablets Flourish in Educational Settings.(iPad &タブレットは教育のセッティングの中で繁栄)
5. Mobile Fitness Devices Diversify into mHealth Arenas.(モバイルの適合性装置はmHealthアリーナへ多様化)
6. Global 4G LTE Subscribers to double in 2014, as 4G LTE-Advanced roll out increases.(2倍にするグローバルな4G LTE加入者の増加)
7. Context Awareness in Mobile Computing Gathers Pace.(コンテキスト意識のスピード化)
8. Disruption in the Home Gaming Market.(ホーム・ゲーミング市場の混乱)
9. The Cloud Becomes Personal.(クラウドの個人化)
10. 3D Printer Shipments to Surge.(急増する3Dプリンタ)


Daily BeastのTop 10 Predictions for Technology in 2014
Siris Move Into Silos.
Visualization Goes Mainstream.
The Cheaper Factor.
Sub-$100 Smartphones dominate the phone category
And 5. Sub-$250 pads dominate the pad /CarryAlong category.
6. Software Plays on a Flat Hardware Field, as We Build Out the Global Computer.
7. The New Microsoft That No One Expected.
8. Micromapping arrives.
9. The Quantified Self Goes Mainstream.
10. Encryption Everywhere.

The User and the Device: 10 Technology Predictions for 2014
Wearable Devices Need Clearer Use Cases to Reach Mainstream Consumers
Smartphone Camera Wars Will Shift from Focus on Resolution to Experiences
Localization Continues to be Emphasized for Chinese Consumers
Low Energy Bluetooth will Enhance Location-based Services
Content Aggregator Apps will Strengthen in User Adoption and Continue to Change how Information is Consumed
OTT SVOD Services Will Accelerate as a Threat to Traditional Broadcast TV
Smart TVs May or May Not Experience an iPhone Moment
Consumers Will Begin to Experience Autonomous Driving
Automotive Connectivity UX Will Reach a Tipping Point
HMI Advances in the Car Will Deliver a Safer Connected Experience

IDC Financial Insights Releases Top 10 Predictions for 2014
Prediction 1: Overall IT Spend in Financial Services Will Exceed $430 Billion in 2014 and Will Exceed $0.5 Trillion by 2020; Consolidation and Cooling Emerging Markets Will Make Impact.
Prediction 2: Institutions Will Leverage Their Investments of the Past Three Years, Improving Compliance Data Management with New Initiatives to Extract Additional Business and Operational Value with Analytics-Based Capabilities.
Prediction 3: All Modernization and Improvement Initiatives Will Include Three Components to Be Successful (Technology, People, and Processes); We've Focused Too Long on Technology in a Vacuum, and in 2014, We'll See the IT Organization Become More Important.
Prediction 4: The Most Successful Financial Institutions in 2014 Will Be Those That Can Deliver an Enhanced Omnichannel Experience to Their Customers and Prospects, Using New Enabling Technologies and Supported by Appropriate Business Processes.
Prediction 5: Core Transformation Projects Will Create Opportunities for Banks to Out-Innovate Their Peers, Giving Innovators Years of Technology Advantage Over Core Banking Laggards.
Prediction 6: Consumers Will Become the Disruptors in Financial Services by Minimizing Their Interactions with Their Primary Institution and Increasing the Use of a Variety of Purpose-Built Apps That Provide Immediate and Focused Value.
Prediction 7: Lured by Their Aggressive Growth in Premiums, Insurers Will Continue to Pay Close Attention to the Emerging Market Nations in Developing Asia/Pacific and Latin America.
Prediction 8: The Battle for Dominance on the 3rd Platform Will Begin as Firms Move from Ad Hoc, Repeatable Initiatives to Managed Initiatives and New Application Mashups That Target Value Creation in Customer Acquisition, Market Intelligence, and Operations.
Prediction 9: Investment in Risk Management Information Technologies, Services, and Skills Will Exceed $85 Billion in 2014 as Firms Industrialize Credit and Market Risk System, Operational Risk Disciplines Get Renewed Support, and Management Learns to Sell Risk.
Prediction 10: Mobile and "Alternative" Payment Adoption Will Remain Muted in 2014 as a Wide Array of Providers Try to Find a Value Proposition That Resonates for Both Merchants and Consumers.

The top ten strategic technology trends for 2014 include:
Mobile Device Diversity and Management
Mobile Apps and Applications
The Internet of Everything
Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
Cloud/Client Architecture
The Era of Personal Cloud
Software Defined Anything
Web-Scale IT
Smart Machines
3-D Printing
About Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

Top Ten Mobile Tech Predictions for 2014
1. Smart data pricing to the rescue:
2. High speed and small cells
3. Mobile platform diversity: Open rules
4. Connected car: A reality
5. HTML 5 and WebRTC: Hype or Real?
6. Mobiles augmenting reality
7. Dynamic Spectrum Management to take on centre stage
8. Mobile social media: more in the offing
9. Mobile (in)Security
10. BYOD: a nightmare for the CIOs