AFPは2011年03月01日に、ソビエト連邦(当時)の宇宙飛行士ユーリ・ガガーリン(Yury Gagarin/Yuri Gagarin)による人類初の宇宙飛行1961年04月21日から50周年を記念して、実際に宇宙に打ち上げられた旧ソ連の宇宙船ボストーク(Vostok)3KA-2宇宙カプセルが、競売大手サザビーズ(Sothebys)によって米国のニューヨーク(New York)で競売にかけられることになったと報告している。

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00:00 UTC---Final testing of the spacecraft begins on the launchpad; Sergei Pavlovich Korolev attends.
02:30 UTC---Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov wake and eat Space food for breakfast
02:45 UTC---Gagarin and Titov undergo tests, which they both pass with flying colours
03:00 UTC---A Medical service car arrives at the launch site delivering food for the spacecraft.
03:00 UTC---Gherman Titov suits up
03:20 UTC---Gagarin suits up. He and Titov are taken to the launch site
03:50 UTC---Gagarin records his speech to the nation
04:00 UTC---Yuri and Korolev go through pre flight checks.
04:10 UTC---Yuri Gagarin's voice is aired to the nation
05:10 UTC---50 minute alert
05:30 UTC---30 minutue alert. Titov is told he can now take off his suit and go to the observatory.
05:50 UTC---Hatch is closed. 10 minute availability. Gagarin is ready to start.
06:07 UTC---Vostok-1 launches.Yuri Gagarin shouts "POYEKHALI!" ('let's go!')
06:09 UTC---Booster sections shut down and the nose fairing releases.
06:13 UTC---Rocket core stage shuts down
06:14 UTC---Vostok 1 starts to pass over Russia
06:15 UTC---Gagarin begins to lose radio contact with Zarya-1
06:17 UTC---The Final stages shut down. Vostok 1 reaches orbit
06:21 UTC---Gagarin can see the North Pacific ocean
06:22 UTC---Radio signals from Vostok-1 are picked up on the American Radar Station
06:25 UTC---6 minutes in orbit, Gagarin asks Zarya-3 for orbital parametres.
06:31 UTC---Gagarin is reaching the VHF radio horizon - soon to be out of radio range.
06:37 UTC---Entry into eclipse
06:42 UTC---Gagarin passes over the North Pacific near the equator
06:48 UTC---Vostok 1 crosses the Equator. Communication is by HF radio
06:49 UTC---Gagarin reports he is on the dark side of the Earth
06.51 UTC---Gagarin switches on sun seeking altitude
06:53 UTC---Khabarovsk Ground Station tell Gagarin he is in a stable orbit
06:57 UTC---Over South Pacific between New Zealand and Chile.
06:57 UTC---Gagarin is annouced as MAJOR YURI GAGARIN
07:00 UTC---News of mission is broadcast on Radio Moscow.
07:07 UTC---Status message was not received by ground stations.
07:10 UTC---Entry into sunlight
07:12 UTC---Over the South Atlantic Ocean
07:13 UTC---News of the first man in space is sent out to the World - TASS report. Status message sent by Gagarin is not received by ground stations.
07:17 UTC---Status message sent by Gagarin is not received by ground stations.
07:22 UTC---Status message sent by Gagarin is not received by ground stations.
07:25 UTC---Vostok 1's fires retros for 42 seconds
07:25 +10---Commands sent to separate the service module. Separation fails.
07:26 UTC---Re-entry module and Service module begin a bumpy re-entry
07:35 UTC---Service Module wires burn through, separation complete
07:37 UTC---Vostok-1 is over Egypt
07:55 UTC---Vostok-1 capsule lands near Saratov
08:05 UTC---Yuri Gagarin lands

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