New Tokyo International Airport failed in the cargo plane FedEx landing, and dissolved into chaos.

One "Narita A glide slope" of two glide slopes in New Tokyo International Airport was closed from the failure of the cargo plane of FedEx on March 23, 2009 in landing, and blazing up.

It became impossible to arrive and depart, and Japan Airlines was 58 flights by 9:00PM, March 23rd, 2009, and All Nippon Airways of 17 flights such as for Paris, New York, and London was canceled to two companies (Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways) becoming it impossibility to be longer the distance of closed "A glide slope", and for the jumbo jet to arrive and depart by "A glide slope" close.

340 times use "A glide slope" about 510 day times on the average the number of arrival and departure of two glide slopes in New Tokyo International Airport among these.
The inside and the close were not able to be released on March 23, 2009 because a part of glide slope was damaged, and the accident survey continued, too.
Each company in the travel was chased by the correspondence of the cancellation of the tourist, and the number of cancellations exceeded 1000 as for JTB. H.I.S. and Kinki Nippon Tourist are returning the price without the cancel charge about the canceled departure mail.

Northwest Airlines in the United States made two cargo plane flights land in the Yokota base of the U.S. military based on the decision in the emergency.

There is a big problem in there are only two glide slopes while calling an international airport.

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