Illegal and harmful Internet information reported 135,126 in Japan.

According to police, the commission received from the police, private organizations that accept reports of illegal and harmful information on the Internet "Internet Hotline Center" in 2008 with an annual 135,126 cases are reported received, the year 2007 there were 50,162 cases, 59.0% increase was reported.

Among the report, child pornography or indecent material, such as the sale of a controlled substance, the information that is illegal in 14,211 cases, a rise of 10.9 percent, to recruit fellow crime "black sites" and hydrogen sulfide Write to occur, and harmful information such as calling for a mass suicide, the law is harmful information can be induced to commit suicide and crime to mention the 6122 cases, 70.1% increase.

The server was written from the country are asked to remove the provider, was actually removed, the removal of illegal information requests in 6414 is 85% of all cases in 5451, requested the removal of harmful information 2260 Results 1713 cases reported that 75.8% only.

The request was removed by hydrogen sulfide and other information about the suicide cases was 351.