The defamation of the Mainichi Newspapers "Yamada Denki Co., Ltd." to determine the compensation of 110 million yen.

"Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.", the Mainichi Newspapers, 2007 to March 30, reported the illegal disposal of unwanted consumer electronics such as damages and news online, it is only on the headline, but that the illegal sale and trade contractors, as reported to the illegal sale of a Yamada Denki Co., Ltd., "Yamada Denki Co., Ltd." offended the honor of the trial court seeking damages and the Mainichi Newspapers, the Tokyo District Court in a trial of 110 million yen after the ruling that ordered compensation, the Mainichi Newspapers has been appealed.

However, it dropped the appeal from the Mainichi Newspapers, The Mainichi Newspapers, "Yamada Denki Co., Ltd." to pay damages of 110 million yen, the Tokyo District Court confirmed the verdict.
Mainichi Newspapers, the result of the review, said the priority was to get an early resolution.