Valentine's Day

If you have forgotten flowers, chocolates and/or presents, then our collection of romantic Scottish folk songs may yet save you from disaster. If you are a lady, and therefore knew it was Valentine''s Day, these songs may help to keep at least the idea of romance alive for you.

[Scottish Love Songs]*From the CD Ronnie Browne: Scottish Love Songs, here is The Bonnie Lass O'' Fyvie, a tune brought to the New World and given American lyrics as The Bonnie Lass of Ivory.*There are many versions of Leezie Lindsay and this one combines some of them into this interesting melody.*Hamish MacGregor''s Scottish Love Songs cover every emotion from reckless joy to tragedy, including Banks O'' Red Roses, sung by Corrina Hewat.*Also from the Scottish Love Songs CD, here is Just Like Another Rolling Stone from the distinctive voice of Rod Paterson.*Christine Primrose is one of the fondest singers of Gaelic music. Gun Sireadh, Gun Iarraidh (Without Seeking, Without Asking) captures the essence of Scottish love songs. Here''s Christine singing Oganaich An Or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe (The Young Man With the Golden Yellow Hair).*To finish out our playlist, enjoy Alan Reid singing Love No More from his CD The Sunlit Eye.