British Aerospace was formed.

British Aerospace (BAe / British Aerospace /), the Aircraft and Ship building Industries Act (Act Aircraft and Shipbuilding Construction Industry) was founded.

Today, "BAE Systems" is called.

すばらしいブリティシュ・ジョーク! Great British joke!
BAE SYSTEMS[ formerly British Aerospace ] BAE SYSTEMS [formerly British Aerospace]
" The Best Ways Of Killing People Money Can Buy! " "The Best Ways Of Killing People Money Can Buy!"

BAE Systems [ formerly British Aerospace ] is Europe's largest arms exporter. BAE Systems is dedicated to producing innovative and high-specification ways of killing and maiming people. Satisfied BAE customers include Saddam Hussein in Iraq, General Pinochet in Chile, and the House of Saud. Are you a feudal Middle Eastern dictatorship that tortures your political opponents - and innocent British citizens? BAE Systems says: No problem! We just want your cash.

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