Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

Princess Elizabeth was enjoying the wild life in Kenya in 1952 6 February, George VI died, and inherited the remains of the Elizabeth II, as Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen take the throne is crowned (The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II) in Westminster Cathedral, London ceremony at the time.

But the world of Scotland Elizabeth II (Elizabeth I of Scotland) and is causing controversy in Scotland only, and unable to fully control of the technical issues so that the first Queen Elizabeth, II arrived in the United Kingdom have fallen as the new queen .
This is causing the discontent in Scotland, a mailbox placed in containers "E II R" to oppose the writing and had been destroyed.Today, the crown and the initials in a box full of all of Scotland Post-Elizabethan "E II R" which is the only one.
Suddenly, the only post is some sort of attack will be a problem that erupted over that period.
Countries have a history, a strange cause of terrorism!
The king hated that!
I liked!
Therefore, often lined with more than one post in the same place!
Culture that it is irrational.
When I went to the United Kingdom now, be happy to just watch the post.

Westminster Abbey in Google Earth pointer information
51°29'57.42"N,0° 7'38.94"W
51.499283, -0.127483