Was the first Grand Prix motor racing in Britain.

The first motor racing Grand Prix was held at Brooklands in England, 287 to 110 miles a lap.
Recently, the distance to cover is low, the speed is pretty fast.

[Aviation & Motoring Achievements At Brooklands]
17 June 1907
Opening of Brooklands Motor Course - the World's first purpose-built motor-racing circuit.
28/29 June 1907
S.F. Edge sets up a 1,581 mile 24 hour endurance record.
8 June 1908
A.V. Roe made first powered flight in Britain.
20 April 1908
First official motorcycle race held.
May 1908
First women's motor race.
29 October 1909
Louis Paulban made the first public flight in Britain in a Henry Farman Biplane.
First woman pilots' licence gained by Mrs. Hilda Hewlett.
World's first flight ticket office.
1911 & 1912Marconi's early wireless experiments.
14 February 1913
Percy Lambert, driving a 25 hp, 4.5 litre, Talbot set up a new World Speed Record covering 103.84
miles in an hour.
25 September 1913
Adolph Pegoud became the first man to loop-the-loop in Britain flying a Bleriot monoplane.
August 1914
Brooklands had now issued the highest number of pilots' licences anywhere in Britain.
18 March 1915
Vickers Aviation began aircraft assembly at Brooklands - aircraft production continued on the same site until 1987.
15 June 1919
A Brooklands-built Vickers Vimy flown by Alcock and Brown made the first non-stop Transatlantic flight.
10 December 1919
A Brooklands-built Vickers Vimy made the first
flight from England to Australia piloted by Ross and Keith Smith.
28 April 1921
Douglas Davidson became the first rider to exceed 100 mph in Britain, riding a Harley-Davidson.
17 May 1922Kenelm Lee Guinness driving a V12 Sunbeam set the second and last World Land Speed Record established at Brooklands - 137.15 mph over one kilometre.
8 August 1926
First British Grand Prix held at Brookiands.
R.G.J. Nash fastest time ever up Test Hill [7.45 seconds at 32.44mph].
World aeroplane height record 43,976 ft. in a Brooklands-built Vickers Vespa.
27 October 1933
World Speed Record for a diesel-engined car taken by George Eyston at 104.86mph.
7 October 1935
John Cobb, driving the 24-litre Napier Railton set the ultimate Brooklands Lap Record of 143.44 mph and the highest speed recorded on the Track at 151.97 mph.
5 November 1935
First flight of the prototype Hawker Hurricane fighter from Brooklands.
First aircraft to be fitted with an automatic pilot, a Brooklands-built Vickers Virginia.
15 June 1936
First flight of the Vickers B.9/32 - forerunner of the Wellington bomber.
7 November 1938
World long distance record of 7,157.7 miles set by Vickers Wellesley aircraft.
12 March 1938
Highest official speed by a motor-cycle at Brooklands; Eric Fernihough, on a 996cc Brough Superior covered one kilometre at 143.39 mph.
4 July 1939
Noel Pope made the fastest lap ever achieved by a motorcycle [124.51 mph].
22 June 1945
First flight of the Brooklands-built prototype Vickers Viking from Wisley airfield - the first postwar British airliner to enter service.
6 April 1948
First flight of the Neme Viking from Wisley - the World's first pure jet transport.
16 July 1948
First flight of the Vickers Viscount from Wisley - World's first turbo-prop airliner.
18 May 1951
First flight of the Vickers Valiant from Wisley - Britain's first four-jet 'V' bomber.
June 1962
First flight of a Vickers VC10 from Brooklands - largest jetliner built solely in the UK.
1978 British Aerospace Wind Tunnel tests for Richard Noble's Thrust II Land Speed Record attempt.

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