Benjamin Disraeli became first time Prime Minister.

Benjamin Disraeli became Prime Minister for the first time.

Born: 21 December 1804 in Bedford Row, London
First entered Parliament: 27 July 1837
Age he became PM: 63 years, 68 days; 69 years, 61 days
Maiden speech: 7 December 1837 speaking on Irish elections
Total time as PM: Six years, 339 days
Died: 19 April 1881 at Curzon Street, London
Facts and figures
Nickname: "Dizzy"
Education: Higham Hall School in Walthamstow
Family: Disraeli was the eldest son and second of five children. He was married to Mary Ann Lewis but had no children.
Interests: Gourmet food, rare books, trees, writing novels

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