What day is 1951-03-04 ?

Scottish sport stars Kenny Dalglish is born.

Scotland football star Kenny Dalglish was born.

How many days before the anniversary?

International Women's Day.

It is a celebration of the political, economic and social achievements of women around the world. This day is used for men to express their love and gratitude to the women around them. It is similar to St Valentine's Day but with a much more serious theme to highlight the struggles of women worldwide.

St Kessog's Day in Scotland

St Kessog was the patron saint of Scotland before St Andrew. An Irishman, Kessog came to preach the word of God in Scotland but was killed on this day in 560 in southern Perthshire. The Scots once used his name as a battle cry. For more heritage news click

Saint Patrick's Day

A traditional celebration of Ireland's patron saint.

Scots celebrated April Fool's with the tradition of

Scots celebrated April Fool's with the tradition of "Hunting the Gowk".