Mafia passage tips - main missions # 005

An offer that cannot be abandoned is the main mission

The fun begins with a long cut-scene. As soon as Eon is over, look at the map - you noted the road on which you need to follow to get to the destination. Having reached the bridge, you will meet even more enemies. Come in one of them, holding the X (Taran) button. Then leave the bridge and use the shortcut on the right, which will destroy one of the enemy carts.

Then turn left on the track. Once there, turn left again and use the next shortcut. Then go straight and turn right by the bridge. Thanks to this, you will lose your opponents.

Now all you need to do is go where your customers want. After that, look at a long cut-scene that will complete the first mission.


The second task will be unlocked automatically after performing the first. After the screensaver, sit in the car and go to the church. On the way, you will have to activate the speed limiter, as well as turn off the radio.

Be sure to follow the rules. Avoid blows and pedestrians. Having reached the park, stop on the right side of the road at the indicated point (marked with white).

The next step is to find another buyer. Go back, turn left, and then also turn left. On the right you will see a person who calls a taxi - stop in the right place. Tommy customers are marked on the map by a white marker.

Now leave the workshop and follow Paul to Ralphi, Mechanics. After the cut-scene, get into the car and hit the road. Go to the bar counter of the opponents. As soon as you parked in the right place, cross the street and start to steal.

Now you will need to deliver a passenger as soon as possible. You have a limited time for this. Do not forget to turn off the speed limiter. As soon as you take him to the indicated place, find another buyer. Turn to the right, and you will see it on the sidewalk marked with a white marker.

Go towards little Italy. After you get there, the scene in which Tommy will be attacked will begin. After a while, you will have to run away between the lanes. Click L3 to run, and a triangle when you get close to the obstacle.

All the time, follow the gold marker. The route is very simple. After some time, you will fall into a cafe where your visitors stopped yesterday. Watch the video finishing the mission. Best social CRM for small business companies to improve sales!