Repair of entrance door locks

The lock does not unlock or is not locked? Is the key stuck in it or broke? Almost every person in his life at least once faced such a nuisance as a breakdown of the front door lock. Long the front door, of course, will not leave with a faulty lock, and then a logical question arises: how to repair the lock of the front door and quickly. In this case, there are two options. The first is to urgently find a specialist who will repair the castle. The second is to go in a more difficult way and decide on a step like independent repair of the entrance door locks. Of course, if you have a rather complicated shut -off mechanism (for example, a suled type) or you need to repair code locks on the entrance doors, then it is better not to lose in vain here time and call a specialist who has sufficient skills and necessary tools to solve the problem. Moreover, in many cases, attempts to independently repair such castles lead to the fact that the subsequent qualified repair by the master becomes only more complicated and more expensive, and sometimes completely impossible. Another thing, if we are talking about a breakdown of a cylinder castle. In this case, most often the replacement or repair of the entire lock is not required, but it is necessary to replace only the larva - the cylinder into which the key is inserted. So, how to repair the entrance door lock itself if only replacement of the larva is needed? To repair the entrance door locks , initially you need to extract the existing larva. First of all, the end plate of the lock is removed (for this it is necessary to unscrew all the screws fixing it), then the central screw fixing the cylinder in a certain position is unscrewed. After that, the cylinder is removed using the key. If there is no way to use the key, then, as an option, you can drill the core with a drill. Next with a larva taken, you need to go to the store where you can choose a new larva of the required size. New larva, again with the help of The key is inserted in the bed of an existing lock and attached with a central screw. The end -filled end key plate is applied and fixed on top and it is advisable to test the restored lock work normally with the door open, and only then lock the door in the closed position. In the future, it is necessary to get around as accurately as possible with the castle, not to make clogs from time to time. With such an independent repair of the front door locks, the owner will cost the owner very inexpensively, the cost of repair will consist only of the price of a new larva. Another thing if the repairs of complex mechanisms for locking the input are performed doors that can only be carried out by a qualified specialist. Often, in this case, not only the complete replacement of the expensive locking device is required, but, in some cases, and replacing the entire door. Therefore, choose high -quality locks for your door, which will last without problems for a long time. Repair of the castle of the Chinese front door, for example, may not cost much cheaper than the door itself. If you need to advertise on reddit. And you are looking for a platform where you can always buy reddit upvotes or buy a reddit account - a MakeSocialGrow platform for your services. Register, replenish your account and start your promotion.