Help, the dog is walking and falls

In animals, as in humans, there are often neurological problems, such as loss of coordination. Their appearance can deliver the owner a lot of difficulties and problems. If you notice that the dog sometimes stumbles and falls, then you should immediately contact a specialist for the advice and formulation of an accurate diagnosis.

It should be noted that such phenomena indicate a very serious functional disorder in the animal organism. The problem may be aggravated if you do not pay attention to it and wait until everything resolves itself. Another difficulty lies in the fact that dogs cannot speak and cannot share their challenge.

That is why it is so important to regularly follow the condition of your pet and conduct its regular inspections. The pathology of the nervous system is often united by experts under the word "ataxia".

If your dog shakes and falls, refer to the veterinarian.

Actually, there is a unambiguous answer to the question of what "ataxia" is, since this concept may include various symptoms of the nervous system. Here are the most common symptoms, along with a sudden clutch and a falling of a dog:

The dog is hacked and falls
- the loss of coordination, which most often arises suddenly;

- various situations associated with the loss of equilibrium;

- Dog trembles;

There are even situations in which the animal may fall without a visible cause.

In general, ataxia in dogs is divided into three types:

- vestibular;

- sensitive;

- Cerebral.

If it turns out that we are talking about the disorder of the nervous system, it is important to adapt your home for this purpose. However, if your dog falls unsuccessfully, high risk is injured on a solid surface. There should be no sharp corners or hazardous items, since over time the state of the animal may worsen, even with strict observance of the treatment with the veterinarian.

If your dog shakes and refuses meals, the most likely cause is a strong stress, emotion and / or fear. From the point of view of peeling, his behavior is logical - the body, highlighting the cortisol (stress hormone), sends a signal that you need to be prepared for battle, and therefore all other needs are moved to the background.

Do not try to diagnose the staring and falling dog yourself. However, this is a medical topic and only a real specialist will cope with it, and will also select suitable treatment depending on the situation. As you already guessed, treatment options depend on the cause of the neurological problem of the dog. Find out PHP Best Practices on .