Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

When temperatures rise in the summer, Animal Welfare advises against leaving dogs in cars, even if it's only for a short time. Unfortunately, many people still leave their dogs in the car when it's hot. However, this can have fatal consequences.

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When it's summer, it's especially important to pay attention to your pet. The heat can have a strong effect on animals and have unpleasant consequences. A statement from Dyrenes Beskyttelses Vagtcentral 1812 shows that 84 people were contacted in 2021 because they were worried about a dog they had left in a hot car.

- This is a problem because high temperatures become critical for dogs after a short time, and cars get very hot quickly. We humans give off the heat with our whole bodies, but dogs can only get rid of heat through their paws and mouth, explains Jens Jokumsen, family animal manager at Dyrenes Beskyttelse. He continues:

- Many people try to do the right thing by putting the car in the shade, but that doesn't help, because it's hot in the shade too, it's still like an oven in the car.

25 to 50 degrees in half an hour

This is why Jens Jokumsen encourages you to leave the dog at home, for example when you go to the shops. The temperature rises by 10 to 15 degrees every 15 minutes in a parked car, and open windows make no difference.

- While your dog may seem sad when you leave the house, he's always better off staying indoors in a cool room and having access to fresh water rather than sitting in the back of a car. In a worst-case scenario, this can lead to death, emphasises Jens Jokumsen.

The basic rule is that when the outside temperature reaches about 20 degrees, the temperature inside the car rises rapidly, reaching 40-50 degrees in half an hour.

Precautions for pets in the car

If it is absolutely necessary to leave your dog or cat in the car for a short time, it is important to take a few simple precautions:

  • Always park in the shade
  • Fresh air is important, so open at least two windows on the carrier or boot door so that there is air in the car.
  • Make sure there is access to fresh water in the car.
  • Put a note on the windscreen with your mobile number so that you can be contacted if an emergency arises.

But the best remedy is to try to organize your schedule in such a way that your pet is safe. Modern technology allows 90% of your business to be done online: even the entertainment at the best Danish casinos is available online at So, keep safety in mind!

How to help a pet with heatstroke

Here are some tips if you are unfortunate enough to give your doggie a heat stroke:

  • Help your pet with drinking water, cool wraps, and shade.
  • If you can't help your pet yourself, call the police at 114 or the Animal Welfare Centre at 1812.
  • Owners of an animal with heatstroke should contact a veterinarian immediately.

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