Copenhagen flavor

Any well-known city about which there are any stereotypes in the view of some tourists will always differ from the already known information, and for others it will be fully consistent with and even Copenhagen is no exception.
It is remembered to someone that most of its population uses bicycles, someone notes only summer fun (it is in the summer that cultural festivals are held here), and some even notice the beauty of architecture, but the city has a lot of amazing, and therefore the route costs It is as diverse as possible.
You can visit and see the following places:
Schuhavn (new harbor) is one of the largest city channels, which was previously considered not the most popular and safe place, but after restoration this place became one of the tourist attractions. Here you can see small boats and ships, as well as walk along multi -colored houses, not to mention small and cozy restaurants, where you can have a good time.
The Gephaion Fountain is a rather interesting sculptural composition, which the famous beer plant presented the city in honor of its next anniversary. The fountain itself is made based on one of the local legends, which directly concerns the country. He looks interesting, because tourists do not pass by.
The street is strict - a completely pedestrian street (since the 60s), which is also considered one of the longest in Europe, and which perfectly combines both the modern style and the architectural heritage. Of course, it does not do without shops or cafes, but they will not bring negative impressions.
The Amalienborg Palace - despite the fact that it is called the palace, it is rather a full -fledged architectural complex, consisting of four buildings and impressive sizes of the square. There is a museum here, as well as an official residence for the royal family, because a tourist is determined by an interesting walk.
Castelllet fortress is a military fortified structure that looks like a small island of a strange shape from above. Even at present, soldiers live there, and the object itself is used as a military man, despite the fact that there are no fortress walls. It is not possible to get freely on the object, but if possible it is necessary to be there.
Visiting the experimentary - this place is a modern museum devoted to science and technical research, and therefore all exhibits here can be touched and studied, and some even experience experiments. Visiting this place will be useful and interesting to both adults and children, and you can spend quite a lot of time here.
As for the museums, this item can be distinguished by a separate criterion, since there are a huge number in the city, and the most diverse topics, from the beer familiar to the museum.
The city is amazingly diverse and beautiful, because the tourist can only competently plan his journey and go to those places that are interesting and attractive to him. Best Ukrainian Dating websites on with real reviews.