What to do on Goa

What to do on Goa? This question is asked by both those who only plan a trip to this wonderful country and those who have already come here and unpack their suitcases, and now they are craving for new sensations.

Here everyone will be able to find a lesson to their liking - those who like to soak on the beach and get a magnificent tan can arrange comfortable sun loungers and go to one of the famous beaches, settled right in the sun or settling in the shadow of palm crowns. Those who prefer outdoor activities will be glad to have a huge selection of various water entertainments like windsurfing or diving with kaiting and parasyl. And you can just choose a suitable tour and plunge into the historical world of Goa. Since you will be on the beach for more time, you will need a large selection of different swimsuits, beach clothes.

In South Goa, experts recommend visiting the current Ayurveda centers, which are oases of traditional Indian medicine. This is a whole philosophy, preaching an integrated approach to the health of our body, which is a single system. There are interesting oil massages, and all treatment is carried out exclusively with the help of natural drugs.

What to do on Goa in the northern part? Very simple-you should look at Trans-Pati, especially if you are a young and active fan of music. Here you can have fun, enjoying unfamiliar music in the company of the same relaxed tourists from around the world. Those who have not been at such events before should stare at the hippies, which are represented here of all ages and colors - representatives of their profit from various countries of the world. In the northern part, all the villages are more likely night clubs: hippies still live in the town of Arambol, but in South Siolim there is silence and calm - so that the married couples should go here. Shoping lovers should recommend visiting night bazaars, where for a very acceptable price you can become the owner of folk fish products.

Do not know what to do on Goa next to Panjim? In this area, it is necessary to walk along the old central streets, where today a great many colorful benches and boutiques, stuffed with curious goods that can be bought in very low ones, are concentrated today. Mapus markets are also attractive, which open only on Fridays, and in Anjun on Wednesdays. Here you can find absolutely everything you need: starting from rare old products to spices and spices. Improve your Facilitation Skills in Australia.